Arumee Pro-White Hydra & Moisturizing Cream 1.72 oz

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About this product

ARUMEE for Unisex Pro - White Hydra & Moisturizing Cream
Volume: 50g
Made in Korea. 

For Unisex New energy resource of the skin, ARUMEE UV Whitening Line enables us to cherish clear and bright skin All Skin Types 

It is expected to not only provide skin with a sufficient moisturea and nutrition having a soft texture and fast absorption without stickiness, but it could protect vulnerable skin from outer environment pollution. As a result, it is expected to be helpful to keep skin clean and soft. As all skin types, B-glucan, which is one of natural polymer, and other beauty factors like Botanical collagen, Ougon extracts, Green tea extracts are going to maintain skin balance between oil and moisture as well as endowing with high moisturizing effect 

Directions: Apply and spread well on face, neck, and so on at the last phase of ground work 

Ingredients: Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Beta Glucan, Green Tea ext, Ougon extrac6t, Hydrolyzed collagen

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