Arumee Pro-White Cleansing Milk 4.93 oz

Arumee Pro-White Cleansing Milk 4.93 oz

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About the product:

ARUMEE Pro-White Cleansing Milk 
Volume: 140ml
Made in Korea

As a creamy type, this cleansing lotion is supposed to softly and lightly eliminate makeup you made on the face thanks to cleansing factors, which are soft to skin and have exceptional cleansing effects. Since it contains AHA, it is easily able to get rid of aged keratin as well as plagues on skin. Willow Bark extract also dramatically reduces keratin having anti-inflammation and skin turnover effect. Other beauty factors like Ougon extract, Mulberry Root extract also are supposed to smooth skin having anti-inflammation. As a result, it is expected to make your skin clean and good-looking.

How to use:
- Apply a proper quantity on your entire face
- Rub softly like massage
- Remove it with tissue
- Finally wash-off

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