Lipstick Queen- Black Lace Rabbit 3.5g

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Inspired by the iconic allure of the smokey eye comes Black Lace Rabbit, a mysterious sheer black lipstick with fine gold shimmer, as if your lips were illuminated by black candlelight. Sultry and seductive when worn alone, the flattering sheer shade can be layered over any full-coverage lipstick to deepen and intensify the hue into a smokier, sexier version, as it instantly multiplies your lipstick wardrobe. With a nourishing formula of Shea Butter, Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E and Black Soybeans, this Transformer is sensual to wear. Designed to be like stockings for your lips, the shade hugs and accentuates the curves of your lips, like a veil of black lace for a mesmerizing, fuller-looking lip

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