Janssen Cosmetics BB Cream 1.0 oz

Janssen Cosmetics BB Cream 1.0 oz

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  • Good coverage and hold
  • Still easy to distribute
  • Prevents pigmentation spots
  • Alleviates reddened skin
  • Also combats couperose
  • Antioxidant
  • With UV protection


  • Beta vulgaris maritima: Wild beet extract for inhibiting melanin synthesis; the skin color retains its natural pigmentation
  • Lycopenes: Tomato extract increases the volume of repair enzymes; external influences (oxidation and UV radiation) cause less damage; antioxidant
  • Wheat protein hydrolysate: Promotes the skin's regeneration activity, boosts its native protection, alleviates skin irritation, softens
  • Aloe vera: Soothing, skin-clarifying and moisture-boosting
  • Shea butter: High-quality natural substance from the nuts of the shea butter tree (Butyrospermum parkii), protects the skin against drying out, lipid-replenishing, smoothing and softening
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant and radical scavenger
  • Titanium dioxide: Physical UV filter


To protect and care, distribute BB Cream onto facial skin in the morning and massage in gently until the cream has formed a perfect “bond” with the skin. Gently conceal the transitions to the neck.

Advice: Twice the amount offers even better hold! To increase coverage, simply apply BB Cream twice or use as a foundation for make-up. Simply conceal areas of unevenness, rings around the eyes, red veinlets or pigmentation spots by specifically applying the cream onto them.

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