Complete Online Wellness Coaching Package

Laura has paired up with the best natural skincare line Gelmersea Ceuticals, to offer a limited time special offer to their valued customers. With a low monthly rate, you will receive customized workout and nutrition plans based on your needs and goals as well as supplement guidance and constant support to make sure you are succeeding and achieving your goals. Get unlimited access to nutritional and fitness advice from an experienced fitness professional and women’s physique champion with this unique plan. Health is the highest for of wealth, its time to take care of your body and become the best version of yourself!





Depending on your current body composition, fitness level and goals, I create a customized nutrition and workout plan for you to follow. Every week you will check in with photos and measurements and we will asses and recalibrate and make changes to your plan as your body changes and you reach your goals. The programs are unique because they are based off your personal needs and tailored around you because everyone is different. Also, you have unlimited access to text or call me at anytime with questions and there will he step by step guidance through each phase.


  • A monthly program consisting of 4 weeks of structured, detailed, and programmed training. Consisting of weekly training blocks, with a large variety of rep ranges to optimize muscle growth most efficiently. Every week will will assesses your progress and I spend 1-3 hours designing the next weeks meals and workouts based on your progress and goals. Every week you will check in with me to asses how your progress is coming along and how you are feeling, I will guide you every step of the way around your schedule!


  • The importance of progressive overload, training intensity and how to apply it.


  • How and why you should track your workouts.
  • Learn about the importance of warming up, de-loads, and recovery along with many other key factors that will promote muscle and strength gains.


  • Includes links for proper form and technique.


  • Learning the science and importance behind muscle building.




What are macro nutrients/ macro nutrient break down.

Detailed instructions on how to determine and calculate your own macronutrients. This will be based on YOUR body type, exercise history, personal food preferences, etc. recipes for meals tailored around your needs and cravings.

Under standing supplements and detailed supplementation information & Recommendations.



The importance of creating and maintaining a healthy and positive mindset throughout the process.

FAQ  (frequently asked questions) page including information about cardio when bulking, meal timing, exercises substitutes, etc.





Private Training Sessions:


In person: $80/per session

Facetime or Skype: $60/per session


Private training sessions in the comfort of your own home with my equipment provided, a location of your choosing OR through FaceTime of Skype, I will guide you through workouts I design especially for you based on your goals and current level of fitness through motivation and education. Detailed workouts will be provided for days we do not train together so you can reach your goals faster. Unlimited support and weekly measurements and check ins to ensure you are staying on track.